Principia Management Group is a portfolio servicing company and currently serves Quvat Management (one of the largest Indonesia-focused investment firms specializing in private equity funds) to reconcile its need for a hands-on investing approach to its portfolios especially in Indonesia. Principia’s services include performing due diligence and research, creating investment structures, documenting & executing investment transactions, and post-closing management



Services Provided by Principia Management Group


Pre-Investment Period

New Investment Opportunity

  • Analyze new investment opportunity
  • Conduct market research & industry study
  • Interface between PE firm and potential investee

Investment Period

Deal Process

  • Conduct due diligence
  • Develop financial model and valuation
  • Formulate transaction structure
  • Prepare investment memo
  • Provide support during negotiation
  • Develop transaction document

Value Creation Period

Portfolio Company Management

  • Formulate corporate strategy including the initiatives
  • Develop business plan and financial projections
  • Monitor implementation of strategic initiatives

Divestment Period


  • Identify favorable exit mechanism
  • Interface between PE firm and potential investor
  • Develop marketing materials
  • Support transaction execution


Throughout the years, we have extended our services in delivering impactful results to our clients, for example:

Assisted the LBO process of the Southeast Asia’s largest coal mine company and improved its operational performance leading to a 40% increase in production volume

Constructed and led the execution of a hybrid debt and equity investment scheme in a marine logistics industry consisting of shipbuilding and shipchartering business line

Provided support in the financing process for a telco company’s project, a project to bring high speed internet access to Jakarta through a submarine fibre-optics cable from Singapore and to significantly reduce the internet connection price by 72% in 2008 promoting affordable internet connection to the society

Led the acquisition of the most preferred Indonesia’s cargo airline and provided consultancy in regards to the strategic, operational, and financial initiatives, after previously we successfully supported the acquisition, performance improvement, and divestment of a leading airport service and ground-handling provider in Indonesia

Underpinned the establishment of Indonesia’s first modern megaplex movie cinema chains, including the IPO process and partnership with one of the world’s largest movie theatre operators, resulting to the enhancement of cinema industry

Assisted the development of a vertically integrated steel manufacturing company through Project Management Office – closely monitoring the progress & tracking the achievement of key milestones

Prepared financing scheme for upper-middle class residential projects focusing in Greater Jakarta Area and helped to revitalize operations

Advised financing deal to develop a commercial property project including urban shopping mall and hotel complex

Led the investment deal and loan restructuring project in Malaysia-based courier business with services including domestic & international express delivery services, transport services, inventory storage services, freight management services, and customized logistics services



Why Principia Management Group?

Professional Exposure

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Pool of talent

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Training & Development

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Career Path


Analyst levels primary role is to provide support in performing due diligence/ research, documenting & executing investment deals, and improving the performance of the portfolio companies. Fresh graduates and candidates with several years of work experiences are welcomed.


Associate levels role is to establish relationships with related parties on top of leading the project. Associate is also expected to lead internal firm initiatives / extracurricular activities to maintain cohesive environment in the office. Master graduates and candidates with relevant years of work experiences are welcomed.

Vice President

Vice President is responsible in bringing-in investment deals as well as formulating strategic initiatives in improving portfolio companies’ value. VP leads several project at times and provide guidelines for the team.

Recruitment Events & Activities

We are always interested in hiring top talents.



Work-life Balance

We appreciate your professionalism just as much as we respect your personal commitments. We do not keep official hours, nor do we insist upon “face time.”


We take pride in our cubicle-less office where Partners and Analysts are just as approachable. We insist upon transparency, accountability, frequent and clear lines of communication, and horizontal rather than vertical governance.

Team work

Two heads are better than one and we Principians treat each other like one big family. As a result, we have a highly developed portfolio of transactional work as well as social projects, which include supporting charitable works.

CSR Program

Principia Scholarship Program (PSP)

Principia Scholarship Program (PSP) is a social educational program created by the Principia Management Group that serves as our platform to empower praiseworthy and commendable university students with needs for financial support in unlocking their true potential.We believe that every young students, from all economic and social background, deserve to have equal changes to achieve success during their collegiate tenure and should not be hindered by a lack of financial capabilities to accomplish great things. The PSP will run for a year, commencing from the start of the 2018-2019 academic year, when we will award four selected students to be our scholarship awardees. Click Here for More Information